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Our OPP  TAPE  is made of biaxial oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) as backing material which single coated with pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive of high viscosity.  our high quality opp tape have variety of choices, thickness  adhesion to serve most industries with abroad range of application with proven performances.

*Mic = Micron = Film  + Adhesion  = Total Thickness , Higher micron meaning more thickness of film with Stronger Adhesion

40 micron is common quality, it is an economical option. perfect for home and office needs.  Used to easy packing cardboard box

45 micron is medium quality, used to pack box weight no more than 20kg light and medium weight corrugated box packaging.

50 micron thickness Applications: In industry where packaging needs requiring high adhesion and resistance. Designed to support weights up to an average of 30 kg.

55 micron thickness super quality , Designed to support weights up to 35 kg average.

Extra strong Eco-friendly packing. Dust box or with oil box also should need 55 micron super adhesion tape.



Inspiration, Innovation, and Unrivaled Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our unwavering focus on delivering the highest quality, impeccable service, and a competitive edge to our clients.

  • Widely for stationery usage, paper mending, craft making, envelope sealing and label covering
  • Commonly used for heavy-duty carton sealing, industrial packaging as well as product bundling
  • Colour Tape is ideal for marking and identifying parcels, boxes and other stock items. This white tape comes from a set of various colored tapes designed to assist you with security identification and stock control system management.
  • Ideal operation with hand dispensers and automatic sealing equipment
  • Non-toxic, harmless to health as well as pollution free to the environment
  • Excellent resistant to ultra-violet light (UV), cold, heat, water and other weather conditions
  • Excellent bonding performance secure a safe closure for medium-duty and heavy-duty cartons

Available in various thickness

Versatile Thickness Options

High electrical resistance

Exceptional Insulation Performance

Excellent heat insulator

Outstanding Heat Resistance

Sticks well to metal and rubber

Sealing Performance Lasts

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