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Floor Marking Tape is made of plasticized polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) as carrier material which coated with natural rubber adhesive with premium grade and durable properties. It is designed for marking and distinguishing of ground, identification of hazardous regions such as construction sites and commonly used as safety warning.



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  • Widely used in facility aisles, equipment storage and wall storage
  • Denote the location of fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipments
  • Marking of internal sporting courts such as volleyball court, football court as well as badminton court
  • Ideal for general purpose warning and marking such as hazard warning to increase danger awareness
  • Easy Installation – Installing floor marking tape is very simple and can be done without having to shut down a facility, or even an area. For long lines of tape it can be installed using a rolling installation tool. For shorter lines or shapes, simply placing it onto the floor and applying pressure is all that is needed.
  • No Fumes – Unlike floor marking paint, the tape doesn’t have any fumes that could bother those working in the area during application.
  • Customization – Floor tape can come in any color, shape, or size. This makes it easy to be able to create an effective floor marking strategy that meets the specific needs of a company.
  • Inexpensive – This type of floor marking is extremely inexpensive when compared to most other visual communication options.
  • Durable – This type of tape can stand up to almost any type of work environment, including having forklifts and other heavy vehicles running over it. Properly installed floor tape can last many years without any issues.

Available in various thickness

Versatile Thickness Options

High electrical resistance

Exceptional Insulation Performance

Excellent heat insulator

Outstanding Heat Resistance

Sticks well to metal and rubber

Sealing Performance Lasts

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