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Custom Made

Looking for printed tapes?

It’s more than meets the eye. Crafting self-adhesive tapes demands precision and time. Each tape is a testament to meticulous attention, intricate procedures, and delicate craftsmanship. Elevate your brand with printed tapes that go beyond functionality, becoming a visual extension of your identity—where sophistication meets simplicity.

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Steps to custom made your tape

Minimum order quantity required

Design and approve artwork

Make printing moulds

Each colour to dry before the next printing

Perfect colour alignment

Ensure colour stays permanent

Here's your tapes ready!

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Rre you able to accept minimum order +/-650 quantity for size 48 mm x 50 mm or Other Size please contact get quotation from us.
How many colour want to printed in the tape? Base colour? And wording colour ?

Maximum file size: 268.44MB