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About ZTEC

Ztec Resources Sdn Bhd has forged ahead as the leading manufacturer specializing in the expertise of wide range of Self Adhesive Tapes, Packaging Materials and Machinery. Our company main focus in marketing and supplying a wide range of diversification packaging materials to its client in Malaysia, since the company was first established in the year 2000. ZTEC has steadily grown and continue to strive to provide our customers the best quality, Service, competiveness edge and innovative solutions. ZTEC has built relationships with clients which represent all fields of business from food corporation to electronic fields.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers the finest quality and the best selection of products with the quickest service in the industry as well as making sure our customers have what they need when they need it. We are committed to supplying our customers with high-quality products at competitive prices. We also believe timely support and delivery of products to our customers are the basic factors for the company to survive in markets from the beginning to end. We would like to establish long term, perfect relationships with reliable clients and companies.

Striving for Excellence

Our commitment to Superior Quality and Speedy

Services defines us. Embedded in our corporate culture, the ZTEC philosophy shapes our journey. We provide high-quality tapes and packaging materials, ensuring competitive prices and swift deliveries. Guided by the ZTEC spirit, we offer professional advice for optimal product application, enhancing productivity and reducing expenses. As an aspiring tapes supplier in the region, our DNA is the Genetic of Enhancement, driving our relentless pursuit of excellence.

Environmental Sustainability

Embedded Green Values into our corporate ethos

At ZTEC, our commitment extends beyond product excellence to embrace environmental sustainability. ZTEC pioneers in manufacturing environmentally responsible packaging materials. Our eco-friendly solutions prioritize reducing environmental impact while maintaining superior quality. We actively engage in research and development to innovate sustainable packaging alternatives, ensuring a greener future for industries.

Reliable Quality Assurance

ZTEC ensures unwavering quality standards, guaranteeing that our products meet and exceed your expectations consistently.

Punctual Delivery Commitment

Timely deliveries are ingrained in our commitment. ZTEC stands firm on delivering orders promptly, ensuring your operations stay on track.

Cost-Effective Excellence

ZTEC is dedicated to providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Delivering value and ensuring your investment is cost-effective.

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with ZTEC

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