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Excellent stress relief & stress absorption with uniform stress distribution. Strong adhesion (initial & final). Perform under extreme temperature. Excellent weather resistance, outstanding performance and most suitable for majority of outdoor usage.


Inspiration, Innovation, and Unrivaled Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our unwavering focus on delivering the highest quality, impeccable service, and a competitive edge to our clients.

  • Widely used in glass lamination process as well as attachment of automotive exterior parts
  • Widely applied on metal, glass, plastic, composite, sealed wood, paint and powder coating
  • Typically used for assembly of sign and display, mounting of badge and fixing of vehicle panel
  • Outstanding performance for majority of both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Excellent capability in shock absorption and play an excellent role in vibration weakening
  • Superior bonding strength, good anti-aging properties and unaffected by ultra-violet light (UV)
  • High quality tape design which accord with concept of eco-friendly prevent solvent evaporation

Available in various thickness

Versatile Thickness Options

High electrical resistance

Exceptional Insulation Performance

Excellent heat insulator

Outstanding Heat Resistance

Sticks well to metal and rubber

Sealing Performance Lasts

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