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Our cast extrusion films range in various thickness microns and are designed to deliver quality products and services through the use of technology and innovation.Stretch Film is made of linear low-density polyethylene film (LLDPE) as backing material which provide excellent protection for packed products during storage and shipping.


Inspiration, Innovation, and Unrivaled Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our unwavering focus on delivering the highest quality, impeccable service, and a competitive edge to our clients.

  • Commonly used as protective film for cartons during shipping or warehouse distribution
  • Ideally as packaging film for protection against water and damage due to good load holding force
  • holds boxes and products together on a pallet for transportation. It is also used to hold other objects together and protect objects during transport and storage.
  • Outstanding efficiency of film promote labor productivity as well as reduces industrial cost
  • Strong strength and waterproof film allow for easy work and increases stability of packages
  • Excellent tensile strength and strong wrapping strength as the result of excellent flexibility
  • Strong, thin film for grip & stability
  • Cost-effective with less film per load
  • Durable, puncture & tear-resistant Efficient Wrapping
  • Pre-stretched for easy hand & machine¬† application


Available in various thickness

Versatile Thickness Options

High electrical resistance

Exceptional Insulation Performance

Excellent heat insulator

Outstanding Heat Resistance

Sticks well to metal and rubber

Sealing Performance Lasts

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